How To Get Over The End of the World

James is a goth teen whose queer youth group is failing to make rent after losing government funding, and his best friend Opal insists that this problem has to be solved via a rock opera fundraiser gala. Meanwhile, James’s crush Ian/Monique has just dumped Straight Swimmer Boy and started the best and brightest queercore band ever to grace the stage of Goat Mansion: Monique Fatigue and the Dusties. Out-of-town homeschooler Orsino is at the first show. He’s been hearing alien messages in his dreams for years, but when the venue catches fire, local punk star Jukebox seems to share a frightening, intense vision with him. Jukebox insists the shared vision heralds the arrival of a new moment of revolution– if the youth of Olympia can live up to it.

How To Get Over the End of the World is Hal’s next YA novel. It will be released in 2023 from Seven Stories Press.

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