Hal Schrieve is the author of Out of Salem (March 26, 2019), which was selected for the National Book Award Long List for Young People’s Literature in 2019.

Hal writes queer fiction for young people.

Hal Schrieve is represented by Hannah Fergesen from KT Literary. 

When Hal is not writing books, xie works as a children’s librarian at the New York Public Library.

From Kirkus’ starred review of Out of Salem on January 28, 2019:

When a murder and accusations of werewolf terrorism shine a national spotlight on their town, Z and Aysel stand together to survive. Set in 1997, this darkly humored fantasy explores censorship, government surveillance, homelessness, and real-world (not just magical) forms of oppression. Chapters alternate between Aysel’s and Z’s points of view, winding their individual conflicts together. While classmates bully Aysel for her fatness, she owns her size and it makes her powerful. Schrieve depicts diversity among the queer and trans characters, highlighting how economic and racial privilege make the concerns of middle-aged, rich, white trans women different from those of a young, trans woman of color without access to medical care. Tension burns hot until the explosive conclusion, which begs for a sequel.

On fire with magic and revolution.